Johari BLD Stim 3 Portable Electrotherapy Device for Four-Channel Stimulation

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  • Muscle, Nerve, and Interferential Four Channel Stimulator.
  • True Sinewave IFT with a Four-Pole Application.
  • Vector Effect (100% Modulation of Amplitude)
  • Independent 4 Channels.
  • Carrier Frequency 5000 Hz
  • LCD Digital display
  • Runs on Battery and Adapter.

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Quick Specs

Output: Two (Four-Channel and 8 Electrodes)
Waveform: Sine Wave and Symm. Biphasic Sq. Wave
Output Voltage: 50 Volts Peak to Peak.
Power: Four 1.2V AA Size Batteries / 5.5V Adaptor.


Output Two (Four-Channel and 8 Electrodes)
Waveform Sine Wave and Symm. Biphasic Sq. Wave
Modes IFT – Low, High, Wide & Fixed
TENS – Conv. Burst & Modulation
EMS – Conv. and Russian
IFT Carrier Freq. 5000 Hz
Sweep 1 – 10 Hz (Low) | 80 – 150 Hz (High)
1 – 250 Hz. (Wide) | 10 – 200 Hz (Fixed)
EMS/TENS Freq 1 – 150 Hz
Russian Freq. 2500 Hz. (Carrier) / 50 Hz. (Beat)
Pulse Width TENS : 50 – 250 µS
EMS : 200 – 450 µS
Ramp Up/ Down 1 – 10 Seconds
Cont. / Relax. Time 1 – 30 Seconds
Output Voltage 50 Volts peak to peak
Treatment Time 1 – 60 Minutes
Power Four 1.2V AA Size Batteries
5.5V Adaptor.

Johari BLD Stim 3 Overview 

Johari’s BLD Stim 3 is a famous portable electrotherapy device for physical therapists and home care professionals. Well-known for its effectiveness, the BLD Stim 3 offers comprehensive therapy options in a single, handheld unit, making it incredibly convenient for home visits and clinical use.

This advanced device features both two- and four-channel stimulation, allowing for versatile treatments tailored to individual needs. It is capable of delivering four simultaneous treatments from a single unit, making it efficient and time-saving for busy practitioners.

Designed with the latest technology, the BLD Stim 3 ensures precise sinewave currents and full-amplitude modulation. This enhances therapeutic outcomes by providing relief and promoting recovery for various physical ailments.

The easy-to-read LCD screen and dual power options (battery and AC adapter) add to the device’s user-friendly design, ensuring it can be used effortlessly in any setting.

Its portability and comprehensive functionality make it an ideal choice for on-the-go treatments.

Made available in the UAE by BeatsMed, Dubai, the Johari BLD Stim 3 is a reliable and efficient electrotherapy device, perfect for professionals seeking a portable solution for delivering high-quality physical therapy treatments.

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