Chison CBit 4

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  • 4D Imaging: Enables Real-Time 3D Imaging for Better Diagnostics.
  • Quantitative Elastography: Measures Tissue Stiffness to Detect Abnormalities.
  • Auto Follicle Detection: Automates Follicle Measurement for Reproductive Health.
  • Super Needle Technology: Improves Needle Visibility for Precise Interventions.
  • Advanced Imaging Technologies: Features Like Q-Image and Frequency Harmonic Imaging Ensure High-Quality Images.

Quick Specs

Dual-Screen Display for Better Viewing.
19-Inch HD LED Rotatable Monitor (±90°).
Four Probe Connectors.
Elegant Control Panel.
Dedicated Video Printer Socket.
Front-Facing CD/DVD Recorder.
Internal Battery (Optional).

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What is Chison CBit 4?

The Chison CBit 4 is a versatile, cost-effective, cart-based ultrasound machine with advanced imaging, ergonomic design, and features like 4D imaging and quantitative elastography.

  • Comprehensive Platform and Ergonomic Design: The Chison CBit 4 Ultrasound is designed to enhance clarity and efficiency in daily diagnostics. Its ergonomic design ensures comfort and ease of use.
  • Dedicated Features for Better Healthcare: Key features include 4D imaging, quantitative elastography, auto follicle detection, auto IMT, smart HIP, and Super Needle technology, offering precision and reliability.
  • Variety of Transducers: The system supports a wide range of transducers, such as an 18 MHz high-frequency linear probe and a 210° transvaginal probe, to cater to diverse medical needs.
  • Simplified Workflow: With intelligent Doppler, intelligent focus, dual screen mode, and raw data capabilities, the CBit 4 simplifies routine procedures.
  • Advanced Imaging Technologies: Incorporating Q-image, frequency harmonic imaging (FHI), x-contrast, Q-flow, and Q-beam, the CBit 4 ensures superior image quality for accurate diagnostics. Accurate, durable, and cost-effective, the Chison CBit 4 meets various healthcare demands effectively.

Where Can I Buy a Chison CBit 4 From?

The Chison CBit 4 Ultrasound is offered in the UAE and Oman exclusively through BeatsMed, a leading distributor of medical equipment headquartered in Dubai.

As an authorized vendor of Chison in the UAE and Oman regions, we ensure access to top-quality medical imaging solutions for clinics, hospitals, and labs in the region.


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