Chison CBit 6

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  • High-Resolution Imaging for Detailed Visualization.
  • Advanced Doppler Technology for Accurate Blood Flow Assessment.
  • Supports a Variety of Probe Options for Different Applications.
  • Intuitive Touchscreen Interface for Quick Navigation.
  • Portable Design with Wireless Connectivity for Versatile Use.

Quick Specs

21.5-inch Wide HD LED Screen
10.1-inch Responsive Touchscreen
Interactive Backlit Keys
Four Probe Connectors
Eight TGC Slides
Built-in Battery (Optional)
Extended Battery Life

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What is Chison CBit 6?

The Chison CBit 6 ultrasound machine offers high-resolution imaging and advanced Doppler technology for accurate vascular assessment. With a variety of probe options and an intuitive touchscreen interface, it delivers efficient clinical examinations. Its portable design and wireless connectivity ensure versatility in various medical settings.

How it is Different from CBit 4?

  • Increased imaging quality over the CBit 4 with better resolution and image clarity.
  • Additional advanced imaging features like elastography (strain) and 4D imaging capabilities.
  • An improved user interface with touchscreen options.
  • Better probe compatibility for a wider range of examinations.


Shear Wave Elastography, Sono OB, 4D, Virtual HD, HD Niche, Smart Volume Slice, SonoFollicle, Volume Flow, AutoIMT, Super Needle, Curved panoramic, SonoContrast, Elastography, Fusion Harmonic Imaging, General Measurement Package, Clinical Analysis Packages etc.

Display Modes

B mode, B/M mode, M mode, Dual mode, Quad mode, CFM mode (Color Doppler Image), CPA mode (Power Doppler Image), DPD mode (Directional Power Doppler), PW mode (Pulse Wave Doppler), CW mode, TDI, Color M mode, B/BC mode, 4D, Trapezoidal imaging (only for linear transducer), Triplex mode, Quadplex mode


ABD (ABD,ABD (difficult),kindney,ABD&Kindey), OB(Mid-late Pregnancy, Early Pregnancy, Fetal Heart), Cardiac, Small Parts(Breast, Thyroid, Scrotum), Pediatric, Vascular(Carotid,Upper Ext Vein, Lower ExtVein, Upper Ext Artery,Lower Ext Artery), Musculoskeletal

Transducer Types

1. Convex transducer
2. Linear transducer
3. Single crystal linear transducer
4. Transvaginal transducer
5. Phased array transducer
6. TransRectal transducer
7. Micro convex transducer
8. TEE transducer
9. Intra-operative transducer
10. Volume transducer

Where Can I Buy a Chison CBit 6 From?

The Chison CBit 6 Ultrasound is offered in the UAE and Oman exclusively through BeatsMed, a leading distributor of medical equipment headquartered in Dubai.

As an authorized vendor of Chison in the UAE and Oman regions, we ensure access to top-quality medical imaging solutions for clinics, hospitals, and labs in the region.


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