Woson Wovo Dental Unit

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  • An Advanced MAIA FARO Illumination System.
  • Innovative Ergonomics: Fully Ambidextrous with a 45° Rotational Axis for Versatility.
  • Versatile Equipment: Adaptable Water Unit and Reflector for Comprehensive Functionality.
  • A1 Top-Mounted and A2 Hanging Models.
    > A1 with Pneumatic Arm Movements.
    > A2 with an Upper Rotating Tray with Hanging Hoses.

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Power: 220V/1100W
Overall Dimensions: 1820x1600x1800mm
Motor voltage: 24V
Water Pressure:
2 kg / 4 kg
Air Pressure:
5 kg
Net Weight:
225 kg


Illumination System FARO MAIA 1 set
Dental Chair Imported Electronic System 1 set
Chair Linkage and Compensation 1 set
Fiber Leather / PU Soft Backrest 1 set
Block Protection System 1 set
Instrument and Chair Lock System 1 set
Double Articulated Headrest 1 set
Programmable Position System 9 progs
Half-Memory Cushion 1 set
Rotatable Armrest 1 set
Left and Right Treatment Position 1 set
Dual Multi-Function Foot Control 1 set
Delivery Tray Hanging Hoses / Top-Mounted 1 set
Anti-Skid Silicon 1 set
Imported Handpiece Tubes 1 set
Air / Water Syringe 1 set
Built-in LED X-Ray Viewer 1 set
15-Button Multi-Control Panel 1 set
Control Unit 180° Rotatable Ceramic Spitoon 1 set
Air-Driven High Suction and Water-Driven Low Suction 1 set
Air-driven and Water-driven Suction 1 set
Built-in Water Purification System 1 set
Imported Solenoid Valve 1 set
Anti-Dry Water Heater 1 set
Imported Water and Air Tubes 1 set
Assistant Conole Air / Water Syringe 1 set
High- and Low Saliva Ejectors with Flow Control 1 set
15-Button Control Panel 1 set
Junction Box Built-in Type 1 set
Water, Air and Electricity Switch 1 set
First Grade Water Purification 1 set
First Grade Air Purification 1 set
Original Air Pressure Relief Valve with Filter 1 set
Water Pressure Relief Valve with Filter 1 set
Imported Water and Air Tubes 1 set
Stool DC-II 1 set
Optional Parts Turbine 2 sets
Micro – Motor 1 set
Oral Camera System 1 set
Ultrasonic Scaler 1 set
Curing Light 1 set
Air Compressor 1 set
Vacuum Unit 1 set

A Cutting-Edge Reflector

The Wovo dental system features the advanced MAIA Faro illumination system, offering multi-articulated arms and 3D head movement for precise focus. Its LED and multifaceted mirrors, with 256 micro-facets, deliver natural, shadow-free light.

With adjustable illumination intensity from 3,000 to 35,000 Luxes and a color temperature of 5,000K, it ensures optimal light for aesthetics. The wide band allows for customized illumination, enhancing patient and professional comfort. The Wovo set includes the MAIA model, with an optional EDI Faro head.

Sleek Water Unit 

Wovo’s water system features a sleek design with rounded lines and integrated components. It includes an articulated arm, rotating head, electronic control, and side handles.

Standard equipment includes a syringe, dual electric aspirators, and optional tip support. The anti-crushing steel core ducts ensure durability.

Control Unit

The Wovo Dental Unit’s equipment and control system boasts an elegant design with rounded lines and a multifunction electronic command. It features a mobile tray (A1 or A2), four standard tips, retractable rods, and an autoclavable silicone cradle.

The system includes a stop-system device for safety, adjustable water-air-spray regulation, and an ergonomic chrome pedal. Standard model A1 offers pneumatic arm movements, while optional model A2 includes an upper rotating tray with hanging hoses.


Wovo’s chair features an iron base and pantographic system for stability and vibration-free movements.

The chair offers intuitive foot control for seat adjustments, a retractable arm for patient comfort, and a thin leather upholstery, apart from a multi-articulated head support.

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Overall Dimensions


Motor Voltage


Water Pressure

2 kg / 4 kg

Air Pressure

5 kg

Net Weight

205 kg


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