Woson Rayl 2.0 Handheld X-Ray Machine

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  • Handheld X-Ray Device with Single-Hand Operation.
  • Fully Humanized Design, Weighing Only 1.5 kg.
  • Lightweight and Anti-Jitter Features.

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Rayl 2.0

Battery: 900mAh/ 19.98Wh
Voltage: DC 22.2V

Focal Spot to Skin Distance: ≥200mm
Tube Voltage:
70 kV
Tube Current:
Exposure Time:
Gross Weight: 1.5+1.5 kg
Charging Input: AC100-240V
Charging Output: DC25.2V


Effortless Single-Hand Operation

Ideal for dental clinics and practitioners, Woson’s Rayl Handheld X-Ray Machine offers the convenience of single-hand operation. All functions are easily accessible, ensuring efficient and streamlined use during dental procedures.

Lightweight and Humanized Design

Weighing only 1.5 kg, the Rayl X-Ray machine features a fully humanized design. Its lightweight construction allows for effortless positioning, enhancing comfort for both the practitioner and the patient during extended use.

Precision and Stability

With an anti-jitter feature, the Rayl minimizes the risk of operational errors. This innovative design ensures precise imaging, reducing the chance of mistakes and improving diagnostic accuracy in dental practices.

About Woson

Woson, a leading healthcare brand renowned for manufacturing high-quality autoclaves, sterilization equipment, and dental chairs, is synonymous with innovation and reliability. Trusted globally, the brand offers superior solutions for infection control, ensuring top-notch safety and precision.

Beats Medical Equipment Trading LLC, the authorized vendor of Woson in the UAE and the Middle East, delivers Woson’s cutting-edge products with a commitment to excellence. Elevate your practice with Woson’s collection of industry-leading medical equipment, backed by advanced technology and unparalleled customer service from us.

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900mAh/ 19.98Wh

Exposure Time


Gross Weight

1.5+1.5 kg


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