Woson Tanda Steam Sterilizer – 18L and 23L

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  • Class B Pre-Vacuum Sterilizer.
  • Available in 18L and 23L Options.

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PWM Preheating System

The PWM preheating system operates through pulse modulation with electronic precision, ensuring efficient and controlled preheating. Designed with a ring in the form of a tape, this system guarantees regularity, stability, and maintenance of temperature within the stainless steel chamber.

Steam Production System

The advanced steam production system injects steam into a preheated chamber to prevent condensation of the distillate. This allows steam to penetrate less accessible points of the loads, ensuring more uniform and efficient sterilization.

Prewash and Vacuum System

The prewash and vacuum system operates with a negative pressure of up to 0.9 bar, ensuring stability throughout the sterilization process. This system is crucial for maintaining high standards of sterilization to effectively prepare materials.

Programmable Vacuum Drying

The vacuum drying system is programmable and customizable, with drying times ranging from 20 to 60 minutes. This flexibility allows the drying process to be tailored to specific needs, ensuring the items are thoroughly dried and ready for use or further processing.

Low-Noise Pump

Vacuum production for the drying process is achieved through a 2-head, low-noise pump with a capacity of -0.9 bar. This ensures efficient vacuum drying while maintaining a low noise level, contributing to a quiet working environment.

High-Density Air Filter

A high-density air filter is employed to ensure the purity of the air admitted during drying and the stabilization of atmospheric pressure at the end of the cycle. This filter is essential for maintaining the cleanliness and safety of sterilized materials, preventing contaminants from entering the chamber during critical phases of the sterilization cycle.

Bowie & Dick, Helix, and Vacuum Tests

The system includes Bowie & Dick, Helix, and vacuum tests to ensure the highest standards of sterilization. These tests are essential for verifying the performance and effectiveness of the sterilization process, ensuring that all parameters are correctly maintained and that the system operates reliably and efficiently.

USB Connectivity

The system features USB connectivity for the live recording of all cycle phases, including aborted ones, onto a pen drive.

Optional Mini Printer Compartment

An optional compartment is available for a mini printer, designed to record data on thermal tape every 30 seconds until the end of the cycle, including aborted cycles. This printer can operate simultaneously with the pendrive, providing an additional method of documentation.

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18L, 23L


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