Chison CBit 8

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  • Highly-Responsive and User-Friendly Interface.
  • Multi-Angle Design with Ergonomic Tilting for Clear Viewing.
  • Adaptive Control Panel: Rotatable (±45°), Liftable (0-15cm).
  • Smart Standby Mode to Extend Battery Life.
  • Wi-Fi Function, External Transfer, and DICOM Connection.
  • Gel Warmer (Optional) Temperature Control.

Quick Specs

21.5-inch Wide HD LED Screen
10.1-inch Responsive Touchscreen
Interactive Backlit Keys
Four Probe Connectors
Built-in Battery (Optional)
Extended Battery Life

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What is Chison CBit 8?

The Chison CBit 8 is designed for healthcare professionals to achieve accurate and comprehensive scanning in their daily practices. It can be used in various clinical applications, like general purpose, OB/GYN, cardiovascular, and more.

How it is Different from CBit 6 and 4?

  • Better image quality with higher resolution and more precise detail recognition.
  • Advanced Doppler functionalities including Tissue Doppler Imaging (TDI).
  • Comprehensive elastography options (strain and shear wave).
    Enhanced 4D imaging capabilities for detailed fetal and gynecological assessments.
  • More sophisticated image processing algorithms and increased frame rates.

Where Can I Buy a Chison CBit 8 From?

The Chison CBit 8 Ultrasound is offered in the UAE and Oman exclusively through BeatsMed, a leading distributor of medical equipment headquartered in Dubai.

As an authorized vendor of Chison in the UAE and Oman regions, we ensure access to top-quality medical imaging solutions for clinics, hospitals, and labs in the region.


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